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Pikachu Incense Stand SET with Pokeball Tray & Storage

Pikachu Incense Stand SET with Pokeball Tray & Storage

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Discover the joyous 3D Printed Pikachu Incense Stand, a delightful synthesis of whimsy and functionality that will enchant Pokémon enthusiasts and incense lovers! This irresistible incense holder showcases Pikachu joyfully holding an incense stick while seated on a Pokeball-inspired tray, complete with an optional lid.

Unique Features:

  • Adorable Pikachu Holder: The stand boasts a cheerful Pikachu, expertly 3D printed to hold an incense stick with a smile that brightens any space. Detailed design elements highlight Pikachu’s iconic features, making it a beloved addition to your décor.

  • Pokeball-Inspired Tray: The stand rests on a 3D printed tray that mirrors the vibrant design of a Pokeball. This tray supports Pikachu while doubling as an efficient ash catcher, protecting your surfaces from residue.

  • Integrated Storage: The tray ingeniously conceals a storage compartment for extra incense sticks. This hidden feature provides convenient access to your favorite scents, making the stand as practical as it is charming.

  • Split or Whole Lid: Choose between a split or whole tray lid to cover your incense stand when not in use. The lid safeguards your holder from dust and damage while complementing the overall design, maintaining the aesthetic appeal even when the incense isn't burning.

  • Modular Tray Decks: For enthusiasts with a variety of incense scents, we offersmodular tray decking options. Each tray is designed to fit perfectly atop another, allowing you to segregate and store different incense flavors in separate trays. This innovative feature provides a customized and organized approach to enjoying multiple incense scents, all within the whimsical frame of Pikachu and the Pokeball.

Quality Construction: Created with the greatest 3D Printer BambuLab X1Carbon and premium 3D printing materials, the Pikachu Incense Stand is designed for durability and long-lasting use. The smooth finish is not only visually pleasing but also easy to clean and maintain.

Ideal Gift: This captivating incense stand is the perfect gift for Pokémon fans and incense enthusiasts, suitable for various occasions such as birthdays, housewarmings, or simply to bring a smile to a loved one’s face.


Pilachu:  W-50mm, H-80mm, D-50mm

Lid: W-22mm, H-10mm, D-40mm

Tray: W-22mm, H-25mm, D-40mm

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Regularly clean the tray and lid to prevent ash and dust buildup.
  • Handle with care to preserve the integrity of the 3D print and painted details.

In the Box:

  • 1 3D Printed Pikachu Incense Stand with Pokeball Tray
  • 1 Split or Whole Tray Lid (based on your selection)

Experience the enchanting 3D Printed Pikachu Incense Stand with Pokeball Tray & Optional Lid, designed to spread both fragrance and joy in your home. Whether you're a Pokémon enthusiast, an incense lover, or someone who appreciates unique décor, this product is a delightful addition to your space. Order yours today and embrace the magic and serenity brought by Pikachu and soothing aromas!

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