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Pikachu Incense Lid

Pikachu Incense Lid

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Presenting the Pikachu Incense Lid—an expertly designed, 3D-printed accessory made exclusively for your Pikachu Incense & Pokeball Incense Haven. This protective lid is not only a practical addition but also a visually pleasing complement to your incense stand, enhancing its functionality while preserving its delightful aesthetic.

Unique Features:

  • Precision Fit: The Pikachu Incense Lid is meticulously crafted to fit snugly atop the Pikachu Incense Haven. Its precision design ensures a secure cover, protecting your incense holder from dust, debris, and damage when not in use.

  • Choice of Style: Opt for either a split or whole tray lid based on your preference. The split lid allows for partial coverage, letting you enjoy the visual delight of Pikachu while your incense burns. The whole lid offers full coverage, providing optimal protection for your incense stand.

  • Seamless Design Integration: With its Pokeball-inspired aesthetics, the Pikachu Incense Lid seamlessly integrates with the overall design of your incense stand. The lid not only offers practical benefits but also contributes to the whimsical and charming appearance of the Pikachu Incense product line.

  • Durable Construction: 3D printed with premium materials, the Pikachu Incense Lid boasts durability and resilience. Its construction guarantees long-lasting use, while its smooth surface allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Ideal Accessory: The Pikachu Incense Lid is the perfect accessory for owners of the Pikachu Incense Stand & Pokeball Incense Haven. Whether you're gifting it alongside the incense stand or purchasing it for your own use, this lid is a valuable addition that enhances the enjoyment and preservation of your incense experience.


Pilachu:  W-50mm, H-80mm, D-50mm

Lid: W-22mm, H-10mm, D-40mm

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent warping or fading.
  • Wipe the lid clean with a soft, damp cloth as needed to maintain its vibrant colors and integrity.
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